13 thoughts on “Pantheon”

  1. Love this! I’m a teacher on a visit to Varanasi right now and sharing photos of shiva and Kali and bhairava from the temples here. May I use this as a caption, or in storytelling work with my students? I will of course give full credit, and tag your website on all digital and non-digital material. All usage will be non-commercial.

    1. Hey Ayesha! That sounds absolutely fantastic. As someone passionate about education, I couldn’t think of anything better happening with my poem. Go right ahead, and drop in a mail at I’d love to connect (and hear student feedback about the poem :P)

      1. Thank you Harnidh! I teach drama to high school students and I’m sure I can use this as a stimulus or as something to provoke discussion, debate and other creative work. I think it’s very important for teenagers to see good work and to interact with strong art that they can also identify with. I love how you seamlessly combine the sacred with the profane, the traditional with the digital and use the whole to talk about a positive body image and reclaiming ownership of women’s identities. Beautiful poem. Thank you so much for letting me use it.

        When I do I will definitely write in and give you an update on how the class went!

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